Back to the basics.

Obama Aims to Sway Midterm Elections

Looks like team Obama is hitting the campaign trail again, talking about change and hope in an attempt to build support for democratic candidates for the 2010 mid-term elections.

The Obama administration will have a difficult time selling their liberal ideals now that the policy-cat is out of the bag.  The hope and change he promised has failed to show up.  He has looked less like America’s savior and more like a confused, frustrated rookie law-maker who is incapable of message discipline, even within his own party.

Obama has struggled to keep attention on his domestic agenda, and while the public opinion of him remains high both at home and abroad, his approval rating is lower than George W. Bush after 100 days, and he has few substantive gains to show for it–other than massive spending projects.

The Obama Revolution failed to materialize.  After billing himself as the Great Uniter, the man to end partisanship in Washington, the progressive-always-looking-ahead president, Obama has repeatedly blamed the Bush administration for the ills of his presidency, and has stooped to base partisanship to strong-arm legislators.  After building a campaign based on Bush criticism, Obama is incapable of acknowledging where he was wrong and the Bush team was right, namely in areas of national security.

Obama’s rigorous fund raising schedule indicates that his political capital is waning, but then again flip-flopping and reckless spending tend to sap support for even the greatest politicians.


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