Pelosi, Call Home!

Nancy Pelosi, yes that Nancy Pelosi,  is headed to China to take some much needed rest.

It seems that after making a complete fool of herself state-side by claiming that the brave men and women of America’s intelligence community purposely lied to her, the safest place was thousands of miles away.

So what is Ms. Pelosi doing?  She’s wasting time.  Pelosi, along with a delegation of environmental do-gooders, are attempting to convince China that joining  a cap and trade pact with industrialized countries is in their best interest.  This is not a particularly new issue, and surprisingly not much has changed.  China continues to demand that “rich” countries economically handicap themselves by reducing carbon emissions to pre-1990 levels. The only thing missing from the deal?  A Chinese commitment to do the same.

Curiously enough, while American liberals vow to renew American industry and create 3 million new jobs, they continually pursue policies which would reduce manufacturing capacity.

Somebody! Please find Pelosi and bring her back to the US so she can actually begin working on substantial issues!


One Response to Pelosi, Call Home!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I would rather they bring her back to the US and not only lock her up in an underground bomb shelter in the middle of Kansas for an unspecified period of time (until hell freezes over?), but replace her with someone who actually understands what America needs and is willing to bite the bullet, offend a few bleeding heart liberals, and get it done.

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