Solar Power Shortcomings

President Obama addressed troops at Nellis AFB Nevada today after touring the base’s solar energy farm.

The Nellis solar complex comprises 72,000 solar panels, 140 acres, and generates 30 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.  Obama touted the system as “the kind of foundation we’re trying to build all across America.”

This doesn’t seem like a very practical way to provide America with power.  The base’s solar array only provides 25% of the facility’s power which houses 12, 000 people.  Can you imagine trying to find 140 acres for every 12, 000 people in say…NYC, LA, or D.C.?

Read more about Nellis AFB photovoltaic array here.


2 Responses to Solar Power Shortcomings

  1. […] went on to praise how the project to install the 72,000 plus solar panels took more than a year to finish and made 200 jobs. In addition, the single plant is designed to […]

  2. travis87r says:

    My comments remain unchanged.

    200 jobs were created, under the Bush administration. The Photovoltaic Array was activated Dec. 17, 2007. It seems that once again the Obama administration is having a difficult time crediting the Bush administration where credit is due.

    The number of jobs created, and the amount of money saved–1 million dollars per year–are fantastic but not the issue. My point is that finding 140 acres to place a technology that can only provide limited amounts of energy may prove more hassle than it is worth.

    Lets go nuclear BABY!

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