Obama and the Middle East

I have not had time to read Obama’s Cairo speech transcript yet.  However, I was watching CNN when one of their reporters decided to compare Obama’s current trip with Richard Nixon’s monumental trip to China.

Nixon’s trip was memorable because it was a presidential first.  Many presidents, some of them as eloquent and well liked as Obama, have traveled to the Mid-East.  It is unfortunate that the media is already willing to celebrate this trip as historic.  It would be more appropriate to wait a few years and see if any substantial change occurs.

I wonder why the reporter did not decide to compare Obama with Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.  Both of those presidents spent considerable time on Middle East issues.

Share your opinion! Is Obama’s trip as historically significant as Nixon’s China visit?


One Response to Obama and the Middle East

  1. jason says:

    i think these trips are historic in different ways. as you pointed out, nixon’s trip was a presidential first. but this trip is a presidential first as well, the first time a president has spoken adressed the muslim and arab world not as enemies (although that was most certainly the context of the speech) and spoken diplomatically, and at the same time quite frankly about terrorism, iraq and yes, the israeli palestianian conflict.

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