Quick and Clean

Monday marked a monumental event in American economics.  GM went bankrupt, the US and Canadian Governments bought in in a big way, and the Obama administration indicated its strategy to revive the company and reprivatize it quickly and cleanly.

Now, if I were Obama and if I were serious about getting GM back on its feet quickly, I would be reassuring the country that privatization is my first priority.  Instead, Obama takes a massively expensive trip to NYC with Michelle, and then leaves for the Middle-East.

Without a an “exit-strategy”, when will the government leave GM?

What are you thoughts?


2 Responses to Quick and Clean

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It’s quite worrisome, but I do find mild comfort in knowing this is not a move that has been unanimously hailed by members of Congress. I think eventually-and your guess of when “eventually” is is as good as mine-the nation will wake up and see that large-scale government involvement in private companies is a prelude to much greater economic interference. And hopefully the public will not like that, and something will be done. It’s a vague hope, but that makes it consistent with the government’s reprivatization plan.

  2. Rebecca says:

    GM will be a sacrificial lamb on the alter of socialism that this country is consciously constructing. Because the public and our elected officials have unquestioningly agreed to a government run company, the battle to maintain a competitive, capitalistic economy is being lost. Since the government has unconstitutionally taken over a CAR company, what’s to stop take overs of newspapers that go out of business? Or a national TV network? GM will not be privatized anytime soon. Meanwhile, America is slowly creeping toward a Fahrenheit 451 style world.

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