The Mysterious Alvin Greene

Perhaps one of my most favorite political stories in….I don’t know maybe  a week, is the story of Alvin Greene.

Mr. Greene, an unemployed political newcomer, managed to knock off a political veteran to win South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary.  Whats the big deal you ask?  Well, it seems that no one, including Mr. Greene knows how he won.  In his own words, Mr. Greene didn’t have many campaign meetings and only held a few informal rallies.  Democracy at its finest?  Hardly.

Not soon after winning, Mr. Greene was accused of being a Republican plant by Congressman James Clyburn and others; an idea so laughable its almost sad.  Unfortunately, it would seem that Mr. Clyburn simply doesn’t want to accept reality:  South Carolina Democrats are apparently incapable of distinguishing a legitimate candidate from a bumbling, quiet, unemployed veteran.


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