He said wha?!

The New York Times reported on superlobbyist Tony Podesta.

Remember that presidential campaign? Yeah, the one in 2008 between John McCain and Barack Obama? Right, well you remember when Obama said he was bringing “the politics of change” to Washington?  Remember when Mr. Obama promised that he would end the era of special-interest-dominated politics? Well…keep reading.

NYT writes “Revenue for the more than 11,000 federal lobbyists rose 5 percent last year, to more than $3.5 billion, and fees at the Podesta Group have more than doubled since 2006, to $25.7 million last year, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.”

That 5 percent ain’t inflation my friends.

I find it amusing that the lobbying life is one of a parasite.

President Obama came to Washington promising an era of change, a diminished role for all those “special interests,” but the harder he pushes his legislative agenda, the broader it becomes, the more incentive lobbyists and special interests have to act.

Historically vilified, lobbyist provide a crucial conduit of information between government insiders and those affect by the archane regulations and legislation that flow forth from Washington. Far from the backroom bribery that is generally associated with the trade, lobbying more often provides a service; a two-way door of information. Those outside of government want to know how legislation is going to affect them, for better or worse. Those inside government (generally) want to know how to better craft legislation or whether or not they have good ideas. Lobbyists fill this void.

As surely as the only way to reduce debt is to stop spending, is it possible, that the only way to reduce the power of special interests is to give them fewer bills to influence?


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