Logic Bombs, Cyberwarfare, and Brent Crude

This little snippet comes from NPR, or as we like to call it back East, National Public Radio.

“Perhaps the earliest example of this kind of warfare [Cyber] resulted in a massive explosion at a Siberian oil pipeline in 1982 that was witnessed by U.S. surveillance satellites.

According to former Air Force Secretary Thomas Reed, the Soviets had stolen computer control software for the pipeline from Canada but were unaware that the CIA had encoded a “logic bomb” in the programming that “after a decent interval … reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to pipeline joints and welds.” Ouch.”

I don’t know whats better, the fact that Russia stole something from Canada, or that the CIA had encoded Canadian software with a logic bomb.  Either way, the result was…explosive?

Timely reporting though especially after the Guardian reported a drunk commodities trader managed to trade so many oil futures contracts that he mislead the market about the  supply, demand, and price of crude oil.  Oh the power! Nothing quite like some heavy day drinking followed by heavy night trading.

As the world becomes more interconnected we need to pay closer attention to how we handle cyber security.  These incidents highlight the ease with which a few people can shape global events.

NOTE: American Travisty does not support drinking and trading.  Logic bombing Russia via Canada, well, that is something we can get behind.


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