American Travisty was founded to discuss the follies of American politics, economics, and culture.  I do not like aimless cynicism, therefore many of my posts will also provide alternatives to the policies or fads in question.

I try to avoid bias, but being human I often fall short of objectivity.  I openly admit that I favor free-markets, individual liberty, states’ rights, and small, effective government.  However, I do not like political labels because, like any label, they limit my range of opinion and instantly generate stereotypes.  Above all, I would call myself politically pragmatic.

I am but a humble college graduate, and do not consider myself an expert on any of the fields I may discuss.  That being said, I try to make statements which are backed by history, fact, or theory–or, since it is my blog…personal opinion.

I studied politics, economics, and international security at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  Though D.C. is my current home, I long for the snow capped mountains of my native Utah, where I am free to roam, think, and ski to my heart’s content.

I welcome comments, as long as they are respectful and on-topic and are harsh critiques of New York influenced fashion trends. But seriously. On topic please.


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