Nancy-Ann DeParle: Health Care Lobbyist

June 13, 2009

Obama Health Care Czar Deparle paid $5.8 million by Health Care firms.

Appointed by Obama, DeParle represents just the type of insider Obama said would not be included in his government.  She has yet to excuse herself from matters which will affect her former firms.


Dear Lobbyists…

May 29, 2009

Obama administration officials are easing the ban on lobbying.  Check out the great Wall Street Journal story here.

Lobbyist play an important role in American politics by providing a voice to groups which generally have little representation, specifically those groups with specialized interests.  It is great to see the Obama administration start to reverse its strict lobbying rules.

Unfortunately for the Administration this can only be seen as two things:  First, a flip-flop reversal of one of Obama’s strongest campaigning issues.  He pledged to lead America into an era where special-interests had a limited role–it seems this will not be the case after all.  Second, with mid-term elections right around the corner I think it is obvious that the administration would like to help special interests secure pork-barrel projects in at-risk  Congressional districts ahead of the vote.

Though the administration was certainly well intentioned, and probably partially effective at keeping lobbyists at bay during the stimulus deliberations, anyone who lives in Washington understands that this nation runs on lobbyists.  It does not look good for the administration to reverse it’s course on the issue–particularly after meeting with the industry’s trade group.

File it under….Flip-Flop Obamamous!